Active physiotherapy

The active physiotherapy treatment consists of detecting and correcting the incorrect movement patterns that leads to injuries and pains, relieving the stress of painful tissues and allowing inflammation to disappear. It helps to recover muscle functionality, activating weakened or poorly exercised muscles.

We work to improve the quality of your movements, avoiding bad postures in the future, at work or when doing any physical activity.
This kind of treatment is in some cases sufficient, and in others it works as a complement of manual therapy.
The active treatment, exercises or maneuvers are usually involve the participation of the patient, who is the one who performs the movement. Therefore, it requires learning and participation of the patient, both physically (perform the movement, maintain the correct posture …) and mentally (learn the exercise and corrections, repeat as directed …)

The advantage of active treatment is evident, especially in case of physical exercise: the patient learns to do it at home, and maintains the improvements for longer. In this way, the treatment can have more and better results in short, medium and long term.

In addition, there are problems that arise from overexertion, incorrect patterns, poor body alignment, bad physical condition … It is necessary first to find the cause of these problems and later teach the patient how to correct it in order to heal and prevent the injury.

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