What is the Pilates method based on?

Pilates has its center in the development of internal muscles in order to maintain body balance and give stability and firmness to the spine. It is widely used as therapy in rehabilitation and to cure and prevent many problems of the locomotor system.

In pilates there are seven fundamental principles that must be present: alignment, centralization, concentration, control, precision, fluency and breathing. The exercises are basically composed of controlled movements, very conscious and coordinated with breathing.

What is the difference between pilates and pilates-rehabilitation?

This variant of pilates is specifically designed for people with injuries or physical problems. At Let’s fisio we have introduced pilates-rehabilitation as a response to the needs of our patients. The classes are directed by a specialized physiotherapist, who assesses the physical state of each patient and adjusts the exercises to their needs. In addition, the class has a limited number of participants, and therefore the classes are more personalized. The physiotherapist watches and corrects patients at all times and thus ensures the benefits of exercise.